"One of the best horror films of the year."
- JoBlo
"An extremely moving film that brutally exposes the damage we as people can easily inflict upon one another."
- Birth Movies Death
"Hands down one of the best horror movies of the year."
- Brad Miska, Bloody Disgusting
"Staggeringly assured and gorgeous."
- Cut Print Film
"The Eyes of My Mother will find a place in your psyche and take up residence."
- Cut Print
"Macabre beauty"
"It’s quietly disturbing and crawls under your skin"
"One of the best films at Fantastic Fest, haunting, smart, and encompassing the landscape of the human condition, The Eyes of My Mother is everything you could wish for from a debut feature that focuses on the sweeping beauty of evil."
"A film that stays with you and challenges you to break it down long after your first viewing."
- iHorror
"One of our favorite films at Fantastic Fest."
- iHorror
"With The Eyes of My Mother, Nicolas Pesce makes the kind of genre debut that makes you not only eager, but anxious to see what he’ll direct next."
- Collider
"Nicolas Pesce delivers the most stunning visual composition in recent memory. The way he frames his shots creates breathtaking, haunting imagery."
"Writer/director Nick Pesce has delivered one of the most startling debuts in quite some time, the kind of smart, mean, and truly unique horror movies that those who claim the genre is dead obviously haven’t seen."
"Director Nicolas Pesce crafts an aura of somber elegance."
"If you still think you can’t be disturbed by a horror movie, take a look at THE EYES OF MY MOTHER, the starkly beautiful and grotesque debut feature from Nicolas Pesce."
"A haunting and unnerving gothic tale."
- Nightmarish Conjurings
"We thought it was absolutely fantastic; a beautifully made and deeply chilling arthouse horror with an excellent performance from Kika Magalhaes."
- scifinow.co.uk Nightmarish Conjurings
"Indie creepiness comes in a nail-biting black-and-white package in this gorgeously realized horror film loaded with surprises."
- Time Out New York
"If you call yourself a devotee of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, you’ve got plans now."
- Time Out New York
"The Eyes of My Mother builds to some jaw-clenching, quivering places of hurt, mutilation and terror."
- iDigital Times
"I’ve been watching horror films since I was 3 years old. They’ve never given me nightmares. Until now."
"Pesce has made an exquisite creepshow that pays homage to the mightiest of fear films, Tobe Hooper’s silent-majority satire The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), while still having a coppery taste all its own."
- Time Out New York
"5 StarsIf you can stomach the fear, go. Confident hands created this film. Its nightmare lingers for weeks."
- Time Out New York
"Brilliantly stark cinematography."
- New York Daily News
"Nicolas Pesce is an upcoming auteur to behold."
- New York Daily News
"Unnervingly creepy. A grotesque, grisly, treat."
- Paper Magazine
"Beautiful and disturbing"
"A gift for horror fans with slightly more refined palettes."
- Rolling Stone
"Disturbing as hell. A must for any horror fans out there."
- Fandango
"It is unnerving and scary in a way most horror movies aren’t and what’s better is it lingers."
- Quiet Earth
"If Ingmar Bergman had helmed The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, it might look something like this exquisite nightmare."
- AV Club
"One of the most stunning horror films of 2016."
- Vice
"The Eyes of My Mother is the rare entry to give depth to its destructive force, to force those new eyes onto us and make us truly believe the terror of what we see."
"A lyrical, grisly horror film that upends expectations."
"Nicolas Pesce's stunning, sick-as-fuck debut that quickly establishes itself as a high point of modern art-horror nightmare fodder."
- Rolling Stone
"The most disturbing, sickest art-horror movie in ages."
- Rolling Stone
"5 StarsEXQUISITE. Its nightmare lingers for weeks."
- Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out New York
"THRILLING. A stunning debut that quickly establishes itself as a high point of modern art-horror nightmare fodder. The monochromatic cinematography couldn't be more beautiful, more expressionistic or more dread-inducing."
- David Fear, Rolling Stone
- Entertainment Weekly
"IF INGMAR BERGMAN WERE TO SUDDENLY RISE FROM THE DEAD AND MAKE A MODERN HORROR FILM, IT MIGHT LOOK SOMETHING LIKE “THE EYES OF MY MOTHER.” It stands out among a crowded horror marketplace, and is one of the most unusual horror films I’ve seen in a while."
- Allen Johnson, SF Chronicle
"ONE OF THE MOST HAUNTING FILMS EVER MADE. Honestly, I cannot even begin to properly articulate how much this movie chilled me on a primal level."
- Conner Schwerdtfeger, Cinemablend
"More than enough horrors to keep us occupied."
- Jeannette Catsoulis, NY Times
"INDELIBLE. HYPNOTICALLY EERIE. It confounds expectations and defies easy categorization."
- Justin Chang, LA Times
"THIS IS DEFINITELY THE REAL THING. An idiosyncratic, genre-tweaking debut. Director Pesce undeniably has a vision and a mastery very much his own."
- Jonathan Romnev, Film Comment
"This is a film that doesn’t shock you with cheap scares; rather, it claws into your subconscious and lingers there. A SIMMERING NIGHTMARE OF A MOVIE."
- Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine
"I’ve been watching horror films since I was 3 years old. They’ve never given me nightmares. Until now."
- April Wolfe, Village Voice/LA Weekly
"SHOCKINGLY ORIGINAL. Francisca is a movie monster for the ages."
- Eric Kohn, Indiewire
"Easily one of the more unforgettable films I’ve seen this year."
- Heather Wixson, Daily Dead
"EASILY THE BEST FILM I’VE SEEN THIS YEAR. NO CONTEST. I don’t care who hears me gush – I want to tattoo this film’s name on my ass and buy it a ring."
- Erin Miskell, Diabolique
"It’s tough to think of a recent film that more beautifully captures so many deeply unsettling events. Done with the kind of artistry rarely afforded to such material."
- Jason Bailey, Flavorwire
"AN EXQUISITE NEW HORROR FILM. The rare entry to give depth to its destructive force, to force those new eyes onto us and make us truly believe the terror of what we see."
- Andrew Lapin, NPR
- Hannah Ongley, Vice
"IT’S INTENSE AS HELL. Artfully textured, visually gorgeous, and THOROUGHLY GRIPPING."
- Noel Murray, The Playlist
"More adventurous horror fans would do well to listen."
- Maitland McDonagh, Film Journal International
"Unnervingly creepy."
- Dennis Dermody, Paper
"HUGELY SATISFYING. It looks beautiful at every turn."
- Justin Gerber, Consequence of Sound
"Runner up best films of the year."
- Eric Kohn, Indiewire
"Exquisitely terrifying."
- Den of Geek
"A Must-See for Horror Fans."
- Den of Geek