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About The Film

A young police officer is transferred from Seoul to a small village in the countryside for duty when he jokingly checked the box to be deployed “anywhere.” Arriving at the village, he encounters a bumbling police force who is working with a special detective to resolve some recent murders. As the bodies add up, it becomes clear that the gruesome deaths are attributed to a beast of an animal with a voracious appetite for human flesh. A famous hunter and his team are called in to track and destroy the man-eater. During their tracking expedition, they are confronted by a boar of massive size and strength, which they discover may be a result of experimentation during wartimes. Unprepared and unarmed for taking down the mutant creature, the group must disband as the hunters become the hunted.

Cast & Crew

Park Kyung-Duk

Shin Jung-Won

Shin Jung-Won

Rated R for some creature violence and brief language.
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