"Twisty, clever, pulpy fun"

- Village Voice

"A deranged comedy thriller."

- Sydney Morning Herald

"A breezy, crowdpleasing ride."

- The Moveable Feast

"Simon Pegg is such a badass."

- Complex

"Equal parts revenge actioner and con game, The comedy Never ceases to subvert."

- The Film Stage

"A brutal and twisted potboiler full of bloodbaths, double-crosses and Vicious fun."

- The Wrap

"Pure genre fun executed with precision and glee."

- Ain’t it Cool News

"A wild ride that is pure cinematic fun, thoroughly entertaining, and utterly hilarious. A must for fans of Simon Peggâ ”Not to be missed."

- Final Reel (UK)

"For Pegg fans, it's pretty much continuous pleasure throughout."

- Hitfix

"Trigger happy, sleek brutality hand in hand with mystery and suspense"

- Bloody Disgusting

"It’s an action thriller old school spy movie with elements of humor thrown in as playful jabs at some of the clichés that clog this genre"

- Bloody Disgusting

"Kill Me Three Times knows it’s a fun, popcorn crime thriller, and embraces its own wicked shallow charm so well"

- Bloody Disgusting

"Blood-soaked, slow-paced pulp thriller"

- Bloody Disgusting

"The best times spent in a theater in recent memory."

- Bloody Disgusting

"A series of twisted pandemonium on its way to sheer mayhem"

- Entertainment World


KILL ME THREE TIMES is a darkly comedic thriller from rising star director Kriv Stenders (Red Dog). Simon Pegg plays the cunning assassin, Charlie Wolfe, who discovers he isn’t the only person trying to kill the temptress of a sun-drenched surfing town (Alice Braga). Charlie quickly finds himself at the center of three tales of murder, mayhem, blackmail and revenge.


Simon Pegg
Steve Le Marquand
Alice Braga
Teresa Palmer
Sullivan Stapleton
Luke Hemsworth
Callan Mulvey
Bryan Brown

Directed by:
Kriv Stenders

Written by:
James McFarland

Produced by:
Laurence Malkin
Share Stallings
Tania Chambers




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Photo Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.